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I’m looking for 2 movies: first– The scene I remember shows a Civil War officer, possibly in the fog, shooting or stabbing wounded soldiers after a battle, while humming, whistling, or singing – I think the song was rock of ages.

December 14th, John Quiggin 30 comments Lots of commentators are making a fuss over the prospect of the Greens taking the seat of Batman following the likely and unlamented departure of Labor MP David Feeney if not under S44 then at the next election. The underlying claim is that the election of Greens candidates represents an existential threat to Labor.

The reality is that, however fractious their relationship may be at times, Labor and the Greens constitute a centre-left coalition. For the Greens, it means abandoning Third Way rhetoric suggesting that they represent an unaligned alternative to a two-party duopoly. The details of the alignment between the two will vary according to the circumstances, from formal coalition to general support, but there is no alternative.

The problem of coalition politics is much more problematic on the right. These two groups have nothing in common except that they have common enemies, and even that common ground is limited. They all hate greenies and unions, but the overt racism of One Nation and the religious bigotry of Bernardi repel lots of mainstream LNP types, while the Trumpist base is suspicious of banks and multinationals. Most importantly, the ideological framework of market liberalism aka neoliberalism, economic rationalism and so on has lost its power, which always rested more on the idea that There Is No Alternative than on any positive appeal.

Sermons about the need for reform, budget surpluses, more competitive tax regimes and so on no longer get the kind of automatic approval from the political class as a whole that they used to. So, the mainstream LNP no longer stands for anything in particular. Meanwhile, the Trumpists want nostalgic gesture politics without any concern for coherence or practical consequences.

Amazing celebrity kids all grown up

Speed-dating with golf equipment companies Once again, a hurricane of stainless steel, titanium, graphite and surlyn has swept through Orlando. This storm, the 60th Annual PGA Merchandise Show, is where everybody who is anybody in the golf equipment, travel, and apparel world meets and mingles once a year to show off their wares. Thousands of exhibitors hawking everything from tees to tour buses to Hello Kitty golf accessories were there.

And those of us in the media who were also there are still recovering. Attendees of the show are immersed in the respective worlds of each of these behemoths, in a way that is not possible simply sampling from television commercials or meandering through their sections in your local pro shop.

Mar 10,  · Nico Vega singer Aja Volkman (left) and her husband and Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds (right) at Nellcte March 4, following their bands’ show at the House of Blues.

From Hannah Selleck to Brittany Favre, these are the most promising heirs to the throne Hollywood has to offer. She has her own talents, though, she has one incredible voice! Sarah Sutherland With a last name like Sutherland, you are bound to land any gig you would want in Hollywood. The youngest Sutherland, year-old Sarah, is an actress as well are you actually surprised?

Sarah has also appeared in an episode of The Newsroom. You would think Destry would go into the family business of acting, but she has decided to take a departure from the industry altogether. Destry actually just landed her first modeling contract with DT Model Management.

“I’ll never impress my parents” – a very fit Max Irons needs a bit of a hug

Anyway why I really posted again I’m quite excited right now really. But then again, you knew that. Something happened a few nights ago. I posted what you will be reading next, and.. It didn’t appear on the site!

Mar 27,  · Diane Kruger, Jake Abel, Saoirse Ronan, and Max Irons get ready for their close up in this brand new photo shoot taken exclusively for !. The four .

Lyrics by Mathew Baynton and Laurence Rickard. Emperor Elagabalus plays some very nasty practical jokes on his dinner guests parody of Come Dine with Me. Elizabeth I is picky about her portrait. The invention of badminton. Meet the many eccentric pets of Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild animated.

The story of the Gunpowder Plot as action movie “Fawkes’ 13” movie trailer. Charles I ‘s unusual punishments for government critics.

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His parents were lawyers and also ran a restaurant. Clara’s Heart earned Harris a Golden Globe nomination. The same year, he starred in Purple People Eater , a children’s fantasy. In , Harris provided voice acting for the role of the adult Dick Grayson Nightwing in the animated film Batman: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The same year, he played the lead in the indie comedy The Best and the Brightest.

April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading jokes and their victims are called April playing April Fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting “April fool(s)” at the unfortunate victim(s).). Some newspapers, magazines and other.

Features and Benefits of the Cobra S3 Max fairway: A new 25 larger face increases the size of the Sweet Zone for higher COR and increased overall distance. The Pro S model has a. If you want distance, it s hard to imagine you could do better than the Cobra S3 s. The S3 proved to be the longest iron we ve ever tested. Our testers not only rated the S3 as the longest, but also the most accurate irons we ve tested this year. Cobra S3 Irons Written By: GolfSpy T Within the last year we ve had the opportunity to review a couple sets of Cobra irons.

The S2 Forged iron was a big hit with our testers particularly those concerned with distance, and the Cobra Pro CB, which we reviewed as part of our head to head battle of the cavity back irons, posted the highest subject score of any iron in the test while finishing second overall. Given how well the irons we tested last year were received, as well as the S2, S3, and ZL drivers performed, it should almost go without saying that we were anxious to see how Cobra s latest game improvement iron would perform.

Just like the S3 driver, they feature what Cobra calls E9 technology, which introduces the concept of sweet zone bigger than a sweet spot to maximize performance across the part of the face where golfers tend to actually make contact with the golf ball. Taking a look at the specs below and you ll see that Cobra appears to have gotten themselves caught up in the distance is everything mindset.

It s hard to blame them as just about every manufacturer offers at least one set of extra long irons with jacked up lofts. All we re really talking about here is the number stamped into the sole.

Amazing celebrity kids all grown up

The elegant beauty is not only famous for her movies, but Saoirse Ronan interview also attracts millions of viewers. Gaining extreme height in such a short span of time, Saoirse Ronan net worth is jaw breaking. Ronan father is also an actor while her mother has already played some part in movies in her childhood.

The less-serious surfer-golfers show up for events like the Andy Irons Memorial Hack, a scramble to benefit the family of the three-time world champion, whose love of golf was as inverse to his.

Despite being held together by sticky tape on his neck, Woods had his old game-face back in his best opening nine holes in a Major for five years. He also showed new frailties coming home to finish on a level-par 71 and sit five shots off the first-round lead down in tied 32nd place. It’s over a decade since Woods last won a Major but he’s still the one fans love to watch He is still the main man — the greatest show on turf.

He lit up a soporific afternoon and his star quality kept huge galleries at Carnoustie until he walked off the 18th at 8. He hit only one driver in four days in and used his longest club only once, and 15 irons of the tee. It was pragmatic rather than spectacular as the afternoon breeze picked up. He did make a sand save from similar distance on the ninth and celebrated with a fist-pump. But Carnoustie gives and it takes away. He bogeyed 10 after finding a fairway bunker with a three-wood off the tee, nailed a footer on 11 just as a train sped past and three-putted from a shorter distance at He found another bunker off the tee at 15 to slide back to level par.

Thursday was the first time since that Woods had been under-par nine holes into a Major Image: Was I in awe?

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