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Waterloo Road series 1 The first episode of Waterloo Road was broadcast on 9 March , having been filmed the previous autumn in A common theme throughout Series One was the threat of the school’s closure by the governors owing to falling pupil numbers, bad pupil behaviour, and the bad publicity it had been receiving prior to Jack’s appointment as headmaster. Rimmer, formerly deputy head, became headmaster when the previous head Brian Vasey had a nervous breakdown after 30 years at the school. Other storylines included the death of pupil Adam Deardon in a car crash. Donte Charles , who had been driving the car involved, blamed himself for Deardon’s death and was remanded into custody for three months. Donte’s girlfriend Chlo Grainger also blamed herself for the death of Adam and putting her best friend Holly Tattersall in a deep coma, from which she later regained consciousness. Donte later receives a suspended sentence and Chlo is not charged with any crime, although her behaviour had contributed to Donte crashing the car. The series also focused upon the behaviour of troubled pupil Lewis Seddon , culminating in him sexually harassing Kim Campbell. After being expelled from Waterloo Road, Lewis later attacked Jack in his office after school and tried to set him on fire, only for French teacher Steph Haydock Denise Welch to foil him. Another important theme of the series was the break-up of Tom and Lorna Clarkson’s short-lived marriage, due to Tom’s love for another member of staff, Lorna’s best friend, Izzie Redpath, who was already having family problems with her former partner and two teenage daughters, Chlo and Mika Grainger.

Kevin Chalk

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The real life Waterloo Road romances revealed. fans watched as Dynasty and Kevin’s romance kick started, though it soon turned into a rollercoaster relationship thanks to Dynasty’s bad boy.

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List of minor & recurring Waterloo Road characters

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Later in the series, fed up with his single life, Kevin starts Operation Dynasty in Living History Week, where he sets up a romantic picnic in the forest to woo Dynasty back, Dynasty agrees to give their relationship one more go and they kiss. and he leaves Waterloo Road. Kevin is a very private person, only confiding in Chalky or Maggie.

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Kevin Chalk

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There’s a school like Waterloo Road in every town in Britain. that Moira, a friend she has met online, is actually Lisa herself. Princess feels exploited by George and kisses Kevin when he comes to her house to The Madness of King Windsor. Given a make-over by Dynasty Rhiannon asks new boy Darren Hughes to an upcoming.

Popular with the boys, and happy to use this to her advantage, Dynasty has long been groomed to use her looks to marry well and continue the proud Barry family line. With so much going for her will she toe the family line or forge her own path? Carol tells Dynasty that she can make money, look good and have opportunities. But Dynasty starts to realise that there’s more to her and she’s better than this when she recieves the highest mark in her class in English.

Dynasty finds it hard to stick up to her mum but finds the courage to do so thanks to some wise encouraging words from Imogen. Her mum then realises what Dynasty wants and sticks by her while she gives her school work a chance. When Dynasty’s sister Kacey Barry reveals that she has gender identity issues and feels that she is a boy, Barry Barry finds it hard to understand and says that he no longer cares what happens to them.

Their mother also doesn’t understand what is going on with Kacey but Dynasty sticks by her and shows support for Kacey against their mother and Barry. Later on after meeting up with Steve-O to tell him the news, he takes her back to Kevin’s flat and after making Dynasty uncomfortable and her asking him to stop trying to kiss her as she isn’t ‘in the mood’. He becomes aggressive and then appologises after she begins to cry, before taking her hand forcefully and leading her into the bedroom where he rapes her.

In Season 9, Kevin suffers a stroke in front of her and she is left distraught. Thinking it is her fault she accompanies him to the hospital. Once he gains consciousness she destroys her police interview letter to be able to take care of him. Dynasty goes for the interview and does pretty well, until they find out that her dad and her brother, Barry are criminals.

Season 8 of Waterloo Road: how it’s shaping up

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The eighth series of the British television drama series Waterloo Road began broadcasting on 23 August , and ended on 4 July on BBC consisted of thirty episodes. The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the eponymous school. While a comprehensive school in all other series, Waterloo Road is a privately funded independent school for the majority of the eighth Original network: BBC One.

Sparks fly as everyone reels from the fallout of the science explosion, with shocks for the Fox twins and Christine—and Tom finally stops dithering over a very important question. Will he get the answer he wants? S9; sequel to The Mulgrews of Waterloo Road: Autumn Term—read that first! Other commitments have prevented me from doing much about it, but I was finally able to make a start this week. As a result, here’s the first bit. The format will be the same as last time, so old readers know what to expect.

Autumn Term first or you’ll be totally lost. I don’t know that I’ll be able to post as quickly as before—the next lot of weeks promise to be busy—but I’ll do my best. As before, reviews, comments, crit etc all more than welcome and help to keep me going! Her attention was not focused on the beverage; she was too deeply engrossed in her thoughts.

It was the first day of a new term at Waterloo Road—her second as Head—and after nearly three weeks off she was mentally preparing for the return to school. Hard to imagine that things could change so utterly in the space of three short weeks, but change they had, irrevocably. Murder tended to do that, even at a school as tempestuous as Waterloo Road.

Waterloo Road

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email One of the longest-running members of the Waterloo Road cast Becky Craven Rhiannon Salt takes a walk down memory lane as the BBC drama ends nine years after the very first show aired. It pays homage to the 10 series of Waterloo Road, whether that was back in Rochdale or in Scotland. For us it was the end of an era but for the audience even more so.

For waterloo road kevin and dynasty dating in real life a complete list of all shows, go to For the primetime US TV. Oct – 3 min – Uploaded by Waterloo RoadKevin pulls Dynasty aside to try and win back her affection, however Dynasty surprises him.

Series 8[ edit ] Kevin Skelton arrives at Waterloo Road in Series 8 Episode 8, he immediately gets off to a bad start when Michael Byrne gets angry when Kevin tries to make a joke out of the schools arsonist. Later that day he meets Daniel Chalk at the council where it is revealed he is in foster care, he lied to his classmates that he lives with his parents so they don’t know. This backfires when Michael accuses Kevin who denies it and then admits to Chalky it was him, Audrey decides Kevin deserves another chance and he is not excluded.

In episode 10 Kevin asks Daniel if he would consider fostering him, he agrees. In the later episodes Kevin is very distant from Chalky and constantly challenges him, refusing to turn up for lessons and making remarks about Chalky’s weight. In episode 15, when Chalky and Kevin are awaiting a visit from the social worker, Kevin steals Chalky’s laptop to build a robot, when Chalky acts suspicious Kevin begins to think there is something dodgy on it.

He finds a change of name form and pictures of young people. Kevin accuses Chalky of being a pervert and tells him he’s leaving, after speaking to Tom Clarkson it is revealed Chalky’s real name is Gareth Dynsdale. Kevin finds letters from a lawyer on Chalky’s computer, he goes to see this lawyer who tells him that Chalky was abused in a care home along with other residents. Realising his mistake, Kevin builds the robot for Austin Healey’s visit and saves Chalky’s job.

Kevin agrees to move back with Chalky and the pair bond over the situation once Kevin persuades Chalky to give evidence against the Care Worker who abused him; Kevin also decides to change his name to ‘Chalk’ In episode 19, Kevin and Chalky invent a mobile phone game ‘Chalk and Cheese’ which has the whole school hooked. Lorraine Donnegan immediately takes to it and asks Kevin to look over a contract to help her sell it.

Waterloo Road’s Tommy Lawrence Knight: ‘Stroke will alter Kevin’s dreams’

Report Story “I wander who the new head is then” said Rhiannon, walking into school with Kevin and Dynasty. It was the start of a new term. When it was in Manchester. They all carried on walking into school. She recently moved in.

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Harvest Moon – Rated: K – English – Romance – Chapters: Waterloo Road – Rated: M – English – Chapters: Barry meets Lofty by waterlooroad-fan reviews This is what came from my imagination after seeing Barry leave in Waterloo road then seeing Casualty series 29 episode 3. Girl in the Corner by queenkhaleesistark reviews Arthur Kincaid has not been mentally stable since his wife died and his son was taken from him leaving him with his quiet and reserved daughter Bonnie. Bonnie deals with the effects of her fathers behavior when it turns their relationship unhealthy.

Warning contains child abuse and swearing. She wants him out of the family, for good! After an emotional break down due to the abandonment from his loved ones, what will he do? Will he turn into a golden boy, to prove that he’s changed?

List of Waterloo Road characters (series 8)

He is a pupil at Waterloo Road as of Series 8. He’s in foster care but doesn’t want anyone to know so he told his mates that his father was an engineer. Kevin, most interestingly, is one of the only characters in the series that does appear to have a brain in constant residence in his skull that is capable of work above the level of the rest of his year eight class, and in an admirable early action corrects the grammar on Scout ‘s poster for the sheer fact that it bothers him.

This action can undeniably be seen to be a reflection of the idea that Kevin, despite what he may insist, enjoys rigours of the mind and cannot tolerate the presence of stupidity though he desperately tries to avoid offending Scout by correcting the poster in secret and claiming afterwards that ‘it’s great’.

Thomas Lawrence Knight (born 22 January ), usually credited as Tommy Knight, is an English actor best known for playing Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who, Kevin Chalk in Waterloo Road, murder victim Caleb “Cal” Bray in Glue and Brodie in Victoria.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Waterloo Road might be coming to an end, but there’s still a few show romances that are still going strong. One couple whose romance blossomed on the school-based show and are still together are Abby Mavers curly-haired Dynasty Barry and Tommy Lawrence Knight the blue-eyed, baby-faced Kevin Chalk. And over the next season their relationship had it’s fair share of ups and downs.

Dynasty and Kevin in character Image: BBC Speaking about acting alongside his girlfriend, Tommy said in the past: It’s great doing scenes with her because, where we spend so much time together outside of work, I find it a lot easier to act with her because there’s not a hint of embarrassment or shyness so we can really throw ourselves into the scenes.

It’s nice to get that chance to talk about them and give each other hints and tips and to say what we think. I think it works for the best and I feel that it shows on-screen. And if fans thought the chemistry was genuine, it was — the pair have been married since and also have a daughter together. Talking about Leon’s character in Waterloo Road, she said:

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Waterloo Road Everybody is pleased to have Grantly back now that he is over his illness. Tom gets ready to donate his kidney to his life-long friend. After Kyle Stack shows up at the school though, the day ends in disaster as Tom attempts to help him.

Jul 02,  · Kevin,Conner and Barry set up Steve-O to kill him for raping Dynasty. Waterloo Road Series 8 Episode Aired 7th June Kevin informs Connor about.

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Waterloo Road Kevin Asks Dynasty to Move Back To The Flat