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The Triangle of Life. The pivotal moments that span the triangle are: A new genome is ac- tivated, construction of a new organism starts. Construction of the new organism is completed. The organism becomes ready to conceive offspring. In other words, any robotic organism can be seen as the expression of a piece of code that we call the genome. As part of this assumption we postulate that reproduction takes place at the genotypic level.

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Jauk set up a study involving 90 people who participated in a series of speed-dating meet-ups. Every participant was evaluated to determine their level of personal narcissism. They were also shown pictures of the other speed-dating participants and asked to rank their physical attractiveness.

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It is our objective to develop universal concepts and methods. In order to meet these challenges, we want to keep our finger at the pulse of international, ongoing research. This said, it simultaneously is our strategy to let difficult, real-world applications drive our research and development. We see collaboration with industry as an important plus for an engineering lab like ours.

Vision Lab News Prof. Luc Van Gool the Distinguished Researcher award. The award was announced at a ceremony with the federal Councilor and several company representatives. The project VarCity was premiered as a documentary movie in a cinema in Zurich. The premiere as well as the project itself received international news coverage in more than reports and broadcasts.

Van Gool and dr.

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Geochronological and structural constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the easternmost Lower Austroalpine units Eastern Alps , Supervisors: Owing to the strongly seasonal climate on Earth, one overarching hypothesis is that changes in seasonality may have contributed to both climate transitions or modified ecological behaviour, hence the necessity for sub-annual time resolution. Deep-time palaeoclimate work includes the development and application of large-benthic foraminifera as a viable new tool especially for the Paleogene Evans et al.

Rectorof the University of Graz Seifenfabrik Graz on May 6 th and 7 th, Hours Items oftheagenda different researchers will encounter eachother in threescientific speed dating rounds. Please pay attention to the sequence of tables for the first, second and third rounds, which you.

Under a Creative Commons license open access Abstract The focus of this article is to link historical accounts about former islands of the Anatolian gulfs of the Aegean Sea to geoarchaeological evidence. During the Holocene, prominent environmental and coastline changes have taken place in many tectonic grabens of western Asia Minor, today’s Turkey. Since mid-Holocene times, the eponymous rivers have advanced their deltas, silting up marine embayments which had once reached inland for tens of kilometres.

Besides other factors, such as natural erosion, sea-level changes, and tectonic activities, the delta progradation was mainly governed by riverine sediment load, which, in turn, was to a great extent dependent on human impact on the vegetation cover of the drainage basins. Based on historical accounts as well as modern geoarchaeological research it is possible to reconstruct the spatio-temporal evolution of the landscape.

Pliny the Elder Naturalis Historia, c. CE 77 attributed the landlocking of Syrie to the Kaystros River — a scenario which has been verified by our geoarchaeological research and 14C—dated to the 5th century BC. The local foundation myth according to which an island, presumably Syrie, was the location of the first settlement of immigrants from the Greek mainland in the 11th century BCE can neither be proven nor disproven for lack of archaeological evidence.


We have reviewed more than articles and sources on hail research in Europe. Abstract Severe thunderstorms associated with large hail are among the most important perils in several European regions. Due to the local-scale extent of hail-affected areas and a lack of appropriate observing systems in most regions, hailstorms are not captured accurately and comprehensively, which makes statistical analysis of their frequency or climatology more difficult. Various studies have been conducted so far to describe and analyze the frequency of hailstorms or related impacts.

These studies, however, refer to a wide range of spatial scales and consider different time periods, investigation methods, or hailstone diameters.

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Translational research implements a “bench to bedside” process of applying laboratory knowledge to produce new drugs, devices and treatment options for patients. The grant supports patient-oriented research that will produce outcomes to improve health, address health issues relevant to the western U. The grant purpose is to get the research here—homegrown research,” he added. Now, less than two years since the CTR-IN began, we are seeing increasing success among our clinical scientists.

Their work is bringing in new grants from the NIH and other major sponsors to study important regional health problems, such as childhood obesity and smoking cessation. A “speed-dating for researchers” event allowed scientists to be matched in small groups organized around specific research interests to explore collaborative possibilities. Allenback, Ezeanolu and Izuora are collaborating with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine to explore the links between diabetes and tooth loss.

In our study, 15 percent of diabetics of average age 59 years had lost all of their teeth,” said Izuora.

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The speed-dating aspect gave homeowner associations, board members, and community managers one-on-one time with the 44 vendors and service providers in attendance. Associa Northern California provides community association management and developer services throughout Northern and Central California. Its sole focus is to deliver professional performance that enriches communities and enhances the lives of the people it serves.

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In a speed-dating study, we assessed participants’ Dark Triad traits, Big Five personality traits, and physical attractiveness in N = 90 heterosexual individuals (46 women and 44 men). Each participant rated each partner’s mate appeal for short- and long-term relationships.

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Neubauer Department of Psychology, University of Graz, Graz, Austria Narcissistic grandiosity is characterized by overt expressions of feelings of superiority and entitlement, while narcissistic vulnerability reflects hypersensitivity and introversive self-absorbedness. Clinical evidence suggests that grandiosity is accompanied by vulnerable aspects, pointing to a common foundation.

Subclinical personality research, however, views grandiose and vulnerable narcissism as independent traits.

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Shading highlights dry orange versus wet blue conditions. Gray bars indicate the time intervals of major AIS expansion and onset of hypothesized increases in Antarctic sea ice dashed arrow. We argue that changing precipitation and river runoff reflect differences in the influence of the westerlies over southwest Australia. Model experiments on the Miocene glaciation 2 , 3 and relative seawater salinity reconstructions from the South China Sea Fig. These combined observations thus support our Miocene paleoclimate inferences for southwest Australia Fig.

We provide a detailed insight into variations in the strength and latitudinal extent of the Southern Hemisphere westerlies and their influence on Australian climate during the Miocene Fig. These changes could have been facilitated by a southward displacement and weakening of the Hadley cell. However, it has also been suggested that these changes were possibly related to a major uplift phase of the Himalayas 30 or a global decrease in atmospheric CO2 concentrations 21 , Our study suggests that Southern Hemispheric atmospheric circulation is highly sensitive to climate change on longer time scales.

This implies that large-scale future climate change is likely to result in shifts in precipitation patterns in Australia and in large parts of Southeast Asia. The computation of the elemental abundances uses a least-squares method to extract K and Th elemental concentrations from the spectral measurements. The HNGS filters out gamma ray energies below keV, eliminating sensitivity to bentonite or KCl in the drilling mud and improving measurement accuracy.

S3 and table S2.

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