Style Savvy: Trendsetters/New Style Boutique ROM Hacking

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Progressively Prettier

I mean, I actually prefer the chance to date some of the in-game guys, but dream boyfriend is cool too! And I really wanna visit Emmylou. They need to give us more DLC too.

The boyfriend DLC in Trendsetters and many, many DLC featuring clothes inspired in Real Life Japanese brands didn’t leave the West. There’s exclusive DLC in Europe depending on the country, but it’s much more lackluster.

A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this game. Educational Value Kids can learn quite a bit about what goes into running a small retail business. Players must do market research, get to know their customers and their likes and dislikes , manage company finances, visit a Buyer’s Center to acquire stock for the store, and so on. Kids also learn to recognize various types of clothing styles feminine, edgy, pop, etc. Style Savvy Trendsetters cleverly turns a girl’s interest in fashion into a way of teaching her about how a business is run.

Positive Messages People will surely be divided here. The game takes place in a town in which the only things anybody ever talks about — literally — are clothes, makeup, and hairstyling. However, the game is also a huge cheerleader for creativity, ambition, and solid business sense. You’re not just playing dress-up, you’re also running a business.


I was thrilled to bits when the Style Savvy: Trendsetters came out for the 3DS bringing more fashion and accessories into view. I’ve always wanted to be part of the fashion business, so this game brings it to life for me. Plus, who doesn’t love playing in 3D? Why this game is fantastic Style Savvy:

STYLE SAVVY TRENDSETTERS is a bigger, more expansive, more 3D version of its predecessor. As in the first game, you start off as an amateur fashionista checking out new styles in a little boutique. As in the first game, you start off as an amateur fashionista checking out new styles in a little boutique.

Share Grace is the player’s mentor and friend. She will give the player some hints and tips. Grace has a section in the magazine Nuances where she talks about upcoming trends and the season’s hottest looks. She explains which brands are which and what to expect from working in a boutique. On one occasion where she talks about the brand AZ-USA, she reveals when she was younger she loved the urban look.

When you put up a mannequin which is not dressed for the season summer, winter etc. Grace may come to your store and give you some pointers. If customers come to your boutique asking for an outfit that Grace would wear, the brand Alvarado is a good choice. Grace also may pop into your store to come and test your customer service skills if you haven’t played in over a month. According to Renee, Grace is scared of teddy bears and doesn’t like tomatoes.

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They are so artsy that what they predict as a trend, only the uber wealthy or somewhat eccentric would even consider putting in their homes. And we are going to look at common sense trends in home decor for ! They are absolutely gorgeous! If you love this look you are on trend!

A collection of game guides for Style Boutique 2/Style Savvy 3. Covers all aspects of the game including Designer Lounge, Colour Palette, Hairstyles, Make-up sets, unlocking items, amiibo items and DLC.

Please note that opinions expressed in any review are those of our customers and do not necessarily match those of the Play-Asia. The game is surprisingly addictive, with a ton of clothes to choose from and a seasonal wardrobe most fashionistas would love this game. You walk in a store that sells clothes and apparently you have talent. The owner took a liking of you and fast forward you are suddenly the owner of said shop.

Now you need to entertain customers and re-stock your shop with many different brands including decorate your own shop and dress up your shop assistant and mannequin displayed outside. If you’re lucky people will buy your mannequin’s outfit without you having to figure out what style they like. Win a couple of competition later and you are now a diva.

But wait, there’s more! You can still join the rest of the competition and unlock many other not-so-crucial-but-still-fashion-related items at the end of the day whenever you gain happiness and gain a full moon This game is strangely addictive and I find it surprising because I myself am not a person that cares much about fashion so I just get good replies from the customers based on the help of the search button that narrows down the clothes according to what they like.

It’s an easy game that can really fill up your time.

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set your ds date to your b-day, then go to your store. dominic will be there and will wish you happy birthday by giving you the fairy princess.

Can Style Savvy be for boys? Unfortunately, it can’t be for boys. No matter what, your character will look like a girl. Also, in the fashion contests, Rococco the host will say “she”, “her”, and “Ms. Visit my shop on WFC! My boutique is called Icecream. Silk City, Wool Court, Floor 9.

Style Savvy Trendsetters (3DS CIA)

The sq m space is located in Antwerp and is part of an expansion programme that will foresee the opening of 15 new boutiques in Asia in three years time. The store is the brand’s second flagship store in Europe after Milan Porta Nuova opened in The sqm site is located in Yioulai Shanghai Village; a sister to Bicester Village in London — both global shopping developments. With the goal of turning the building into a veritable work of architec

Style Savvy: Trendsetters (JP Japanese: わがままファッション ガールズモードよくばり宣言! Fan Translation: Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode Yokubari Sengen!) is a fashion simulator game developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo and a sequel of the Nintendo DS game Style Savvy.

Aug 23, 5 This game is definitely a step backwards from Trendsetters. Very little has been improved and much of what made Trendsetters so appealing hasThis game is definitely a step backwards from Trendsetters. Very little has been improved and much of what made Trendsetters so appealing has been lost. If we compare the original Style Savvy to Trendsetters we see a day and night difference. Trendsetters had polished graphics, a diverse selection of well thought out looks, a phenomenal soundtrack that is leaps and bounds better than the previous installment, and an overall cohesive and chic presentation that was appealing a wide audience.

Fashion Forward is definitely aimed at younger girls in the 10 and under demographic. Instead of trendy urban setting, you are introduced to the game in a fantasy setting: The locales are more colorful, Bougainville is completely pink, the beautician’s is completely pink, the interface and menu buttons are bright and softly shaded.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters (A Date With Brad?!?!)