What happens if you hook up jumper cables backwards on a car?

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Sep 30, What happens after you jump start your car? Our friends from Las Vegas Tundras intentionally left the lights on when they parked their trucks out at the Lucas Oil Off Road Race in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, but have you ever done that accidentally? If you have, there’s a good chance when you came back out to start your truck or car later on, the battery was too discharged to turn over your engine. In fact, that happened to a friend of mine and his Toyota Tundra just the other day- he left the lights on inside the truck and by the time he realized what had happened his battery was too discharged to even make a clicking noise when he turned the key.

He hooked up a set of jumper cables and his engine started right up.

If your battery has died, you may be able to use jumper cables to jump start it from some good Samaritan’s vehicle. If you can safely use jumper cables on your vehicle, make sure that the battery on the good Samaritan’s vehicle has at least as much voltage as your own. As long as you hook up the.

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The battery is only about six months old, so I figure that I’d like to try jump starting or charging it, as opposed to installing a fresh battery alltogether. The only problem is, I’m a little unsure as to the process I should undertake. The bike is a Kawasaki KZ P. I have jumper cables, as well as an in-wall 6 amp electric charger that can be set to 6 or 12 volts.

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Automotive batteries are designed to produce the high electrical current required to start the engine. This routine procedure can become dangerous if the jumper cables are connected improperly — if the positive terminal on each battery is mistakenly connected to the negative terminal on the other battery. Damage will result from very high current flow, and possibly from incorrect polarity on the “dead battery” vehicle. Damage to the Batteries Connecting the positive terminal of each battery to the negative terminal of the other battery will result in a huge surge of electrical current between the two batteries.

This will cause the batteries to heat very quickly, and in lead-acid type batteries — the most common type — it will result in the generation of a large amount of hydrogen gas within the charged battery. The heat can melt internal and external battery parts, while the pressure from the hydrogen gas can crack the battery casing. Once the casing is cracked, escaping hydrogen can potentially ignite and explode. Damage to the Jumper Cables Jumper cables are not designed to carry the huge surge of electrical current, and will quickly heat up to very high temperatures.

This can melt the insulation on the cables and potentially expose people to direct contact with the electrical cables. The heat can also melt solder and other components that hold the cables and clamps together. Other Possible Damage The surge of electrical current can blow the fusible link or fuse element that protects the vehicle’s main electrical system. If the engine of the vehicle with the charged battery is left running, the electrical surge can damage this vehicle’s alternator.


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Somewhere in the mowers recent past, someone has tried to jump the battery and gotten the jumper cables hooked up backwards. The wrong hookup undoubtedly caused some sparks, and it only takes a little one to burn out the charging diode.

You got right down to my core misunderstanding. My epiphany occurred on the idea that “the entire chassis is an extension of the minus terminal of the battery”. I’m still wondering why cars are designed this way, but that wasn’t in my original question. To be shocked, you have to touch two points that are connected to opposite terminals of the battery. And the voltage is low, yes. I had a car once where the chassis was painted–I had to scratch the paint if I wanted to make electrical contact.

If it’s contact resistance we’re worried about, maybe it would have been better to clip to the terminal?

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Most chips have a status register or a chip ID. Set the phase and polarity on your microcontroller, and send the command to read the known data out of the slave device, and verify the answer. Not much, except when the master talks too fast for the slave to follow. This is easy to debug. If you know exceptions, post up in the comments! Start slowly and work your way up until you start noticing errors, and then back off.

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How to Jump Start a Car – The Complete Guide

Even though one’s a negative post and one’s a positive post on their respective batteries, both of the terminals become 12V positive in a 24V system. In the 24V series systems on equipment that I’m used to, you have one ground terminal, two 12V positive terminals, and one 24V terminal which goes to the starter. There’s no comparison in jumping it 24V versus 12V, saves a lot of cussing for me not to mention that low voltage will fry a starter over time. I have it on my to do list to mount another battery under my hood that is already hooked up instead of hauling it around.

If I don’t have 24volt source I always hook up to pick up or whatever, as long as you hook up to 1 battery like you would another 12 volt system it’s 12 volts I’ve done many time’s but your best to do this to charge batteries one at a time and then try to start machine.

And if you hook it up wrong by connecting the clamps to the wrong battery terminals (as we purposely did in our tests), a loud alarm and flashing lights inform you of your mistake so you can reposition the pieces and try again without hurting yourself or your car.

Report John answered 5 years ago The test is: Once you start the truck the pressure should drop to about when you rev the engine it may increase slightly but may not and if you do a road test it should be If it pressurizes good but drops below 11 when you initially turn the key on then I would suspect there’s a good chance the diaphragm in the regulator has ruptured.

If it doesn’t put out good results to begin with then we could suspect the pump. Did you blow through the fuel filter after removing it? If there was excessive restriction it could have easily fried the pump due to the filter causing the fuel to “back up”. I’m also curious as to what the was, was that the result of the fuel pressure test? If so pull the air filter off and sniff the throttle body for a fuel smell. If the diaphragm has ruptured it will literally be like putting a hose with fuel into the intake and running it full.

When it initially started to go it probably slowly flooded the engine to where it seemed to run ok but the excess fuel created a ton of carbon coating the O2 sensor. Since no air could pass through it, it gave a false lean reading.

2004 Dodge Dakota Won’t start

Add a personal message: Sending your article Your article has been sent. Sears has an impressive, if somewhat ludicrous, video in its automotive centers showing a DieHard battery getting blasted by a high-powered rifle. Back then, batteries often leaked, got caked with corrosion, and needed to be opened and filled with extra water about once a year. Modern batteries are for the most part sealed tight and maintenance-free.

Connect the positive cables to the positive terminals on each battery, and then connect the negative cable to the negative terminal on the working battery.

A jump start, also called a boost, is a method of starting a vehicle with a discharged or dead battery.A temporary connection is made to the battery of another vehicle, or to some other external power source. The external supply of electricity recharges the disabled vehicle’s battery and provides some of the power needed to crank the engine.

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What happens when you hook up car battery cables wrong?

This is where the two pieces meet. The cut is on the weld with little damage or heat to the plates. Although some of the other processes are more efficient, there are some jobs where SMAW is the most practical, like climbing around on a high-rise office tower, shopping centers and large spread-out structures.

The jumper cables are marked with colors or stripes to help you keep track of the two separate wires. Attach one end of the positive cable clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery (the positive cable may have a stripe, or if the cables are marked with red and black, the red cable is positive).

Originally Posted by saajlexus But once you plug both terminals on both cars in, dont you turn the helper car on? You would want to hook up the jumper cables between the cars, let the good car run for a few minutes to try to get a charge in the bad battery, and then turn the good car off before cranking the dead car. Now, it is understood that if the battery is extremely low this may not work and the good car may need to be running to get some extra current.

If that is needed then I would keep a high idle 2K rpms or more while the dead car is trying to crank. Personally I’ve never had a problem running the good car while cranking the other, but the risk is there. If the dead car is able to start then I would have it immediately taken to an auto store to have it checked out and see if it can be charged, otherwise you might end up replacing the alternator if your driving around on a bad battery.

Never disconnect the battery from the alternator either while car’s running , whether it is in good or poor condition.

Jump start (vehicle)

She asks you if you can give her car a jump. You look down at the ground, kick some rocks, and offer to call AAA instead. You have no clue how to jump start a car.

Had this happen to me once, the lady I was trying to jump had her cables crossed on her end. Thankfully they were some ratty old jumper cables so they went up .

Follow these steps to jump-start a dead diesel battery: Make sure that both vehicles are in Park or Neutral with the parking brakes on. Turn on the heater on the disabled diesel vehicle. This protects the electrical system from surges in voltage. Make sure that the lights and other electrical accessories on the disabled diesel vehicle are off. A vehicle with dual batteries usually has thicker cables on one of the batteries. Attach the jumper cables to the battery that has thicker cables.

If either vehicle has dual batteries with cables of the same thickness, use either battery for the jump. If a vehicle has only one battery, just be sure to hook the cables up in the proper order. Connect the other end of the same jumper cable to the positive terminal of the source vehicle. Connect one end of the other jumper cable to the negative terminal – of the source vehicle.

Connect the other end of that jumper cable to an unpainted, metallic part of the disabled vehicle.

Battery Backwards Damage and Fix